Advantages of PerSec II: GDS to Other Sensory Mat Security Systems

PerSec II: GDS is the Superior Perimeter Security System – Vastly Improving on Previous Attempts

Several previous companies have attempted to create an effective underground sensor triggered security system and have failed. These products are typically dry contact systems first used over 40 years ago. This system has since been out of patent and can subjected to inferior duplication.  These imitators typically charge up to $23 per foot and up to $300 for their mat which is only available in one size.

We have taken this simple contact concept and expanded and improved upon it to achieve the most effective underground perimeter security system – the PerSec II: Ground Defense Shield. Each PerSec II: GDS system is custom fitted to the ideal length and size to meet the specifications of the job at hand. We have implemented the following new U.S. Utility Patents:

  • Can be used to zone identify to the “inch” exactly where an intrusion is taking place…. in real time.
  • Designed for the first time to be used in extreme environments of heat 220 >, 40< cold or wet.
  • Protected with armored 30 ml bedliner material, no VOC’s, any color desired, any shape desired.
  • Designed to be used in great distances (even up to 10 miles long).
  • Can be configured and wireless up to 6,500 away from controller mechanism. No trenching.
  • Can be embedded with hard copper lines (up to 24 pairs) and with any insulated fiber single mode strands invisible to the eye, protected with the armored caps, utilized for any data communication you may need now or in the future.
  • Designed to set off instantaneously up to 8 different selected timed alarms choices in real time.
  • Completely stealthy, intruders cannot avoid what they cannot see.
  • Designed to measure constant flow of low voltage with electronic resistance (using only .006 amps, never off….. 365/24/7.)
  • Designed to activate to any IP address selected device of your choosing on a Google overlay map pin-pointing the exact  intrusion, or if desired…. a camera set up to any of the 40 zones we use in 2,000 feet a live video in real time observing what is happening from anywhere in the world.
  • System can move onto any existing wall, any fence (iron, aluminum, galvanized), any gate (slider, bi fold or swing mechanism)  and used in the ground…..back and forth…. for miles using just one system.
  • Eliminates the 98% of false alarms that other systems detect using vibration fiber, magnetron, co-axial, beam infra-red, laser, motion, etc.
  • Bombardier and ASTM 642, 648 OSHA government  approved Neoprene matting for anywhere in places of public accommodation.
  • Warrantied 3 Full Years – longer than any similar security system
  • IDS Wall and Fence caps are desert tested for five years in the harshest environment possible.
  • GDS mats have been tested in water for six months straight with no power shortages.
  • If power no available, system can operate off of solar.
  • If power is cut off,  a tamper proof system will send out an instant alarm.
  • If system is tampered with on any wall, fence or ground, the system send out automatic location and alarm.
  • When configured correctly, PerSec II: GDS can prevent any intrusions rather than apprehend culprits.
  • When configure correctly, PerSec II: GDS can identify which direction the individual is moving towards.


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