HS1 Controller for Perimeter Security Systems

The HS-1 Controller is a self-contained intrusion detection system suitable for use with the PerSec I: Ground Defense System, PerSec II: Intruder Defense System, and PerSec III: Roof Defense System. The HS1 Controller does not contain a hardware user interface. This interface can be configured using two methods: a built-in web server via Ethernet or a Windows program that allows all parameters to be set and stored on a USB memory stick which is inserted into the HS1 to update its configuration. When used with IDS, RDS, or GDS sensors, the HS1 Controller can be calibrated to determine the location of an intrusion. Named zones along the sensors are terminated with a resistor to allow detection of a cut of the wires to the sensors to the tape anywhere along its length



Hardware / Firmware Features

  • Tamper Resistant
  • Power interruption sensor / notification
  • 8 Sense Inputs
  • 8 Relay Form (SPDT – COM, NO, NC) Outputs
  • All input and output connections are via quick-disconnect terminal strips
  • All inputs are compatible with PerSec II: IDS and PerSec III: RDS sensors
  • All inputs support sensor products to 4000 ft. with intrusion detection location accuracy to 50 ft. after calibration
  • Option of fiber SFP ot 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface
  • Easily integrated into existing alarms and security systems
  • Enclosure open sensor to detect intrusion. (Overridden by insertion of a USB memory stick with a valid license file)


Upon an intrusion the system can immediately activate:

  • Security Flood Lighting
  • Security Cameras
  • Horns / Sirens
  • Alarms 
  • Existing Security Control Systems

Alarms and security lighting devices may be timed to notify on-site personnel and / or residents of an intrusion and may be programmed to turn off and reset per your requirements.


The HS1 Controller has an internal battery & charging system to maintain operation up to 6 hours in case of interruption to primary power.

Communication Functions:

The HS1 Controller activates a signal to security personnel, management, homeowner, or police via Ethernet, WiFi, cell modem, and / or microwave

HS1 Control Board with Ethernet or Fiber Connection (WiFi option available)
HS1 Control Board with Ethernet or Fiber Connection (WiFi option available)



HS-1 Sensor

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