Innovative and Undetectable Perimeter Security System




PerSec II Intruder Defense Shield - IDS  Wall Top Perimeter Security
Virtually Undetectable Wall Top Security



Upon an intrusion, the PerSec II: IDS controller sends a timed response that can immediately activate up to four events. Our controller hands off a dry contact to your existing alarm panel to activate:

  • Security Flood Lighting
  • Horns
  • Sirens
  • Alarms



  • Eliminate all false alarms along the tops of block walls, aluminum or wrought iron fences and gate entrances through positive pressure activation of 40 pounds or more.


  • Stealthy design prevents intruder from attempting to avoid or circumvent detection. “You can’t avoid what you can’t see”.


  • Much lower cost to install, operate and maintain than older fiber optic, microwave, magenetic, infrared, video and motion sensor systems.


  • Identifies exact point of intrusion along the wall or fence top.
PerSec II IDS Cap Installation

Examples of Fence Cap Styles





Fence Caps Can Be Customized to Any  Fence Style
Fence Caps Can Be Customized to Any Fence Style


PerSec II: Intruder Defense Shield

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